3 Day Juice Cleanse – I Did it!

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Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I want to discuss with you guys my juice cleanse experience! Fist off, I decided to do a juice cleanse in order to “reset” my body. The goal of the cleanse was to give my digestive system a break, reduce crazy bloating, help get me back on track with clean eating, and just plain old test my will power. I’ve always been a fan of juicing, and I use to do it all of the time. I was just never brave enough to do a full on juice cleanse.

So anyway, last Saturday, I debated doing a juice cleanse. I tried to eat fairly healthy on Sunday, just incase I actually decided to follow through with one. I had zero caffeine, ate fruit for breakfast, and had a salad for dinner. Unfortunately, I ended up giving into temptation and eating half of a fish sandwich from Burger King later that night (Ugh). Even though I gave into temptation, I was determined as ever to prove to myself that I could do the juice cleanse faithfully, for the next three days.

Come Monday morning, I woke up, and decided that I would definitely take on the challenge.I decided to do my cleanse through Jrink. Jrink is a juicery located throughout several locations in DC, and one location in Virginia. Their juices are made fresh in Virginia, and transported to the DC locations every morning.

Here is a breakdown of how my days went.

Day 1

11:00 AM – Fuel Me Up I

This was a green juice that tasted good to me. I could really taste the cucumber, but thankfully the pear and lemon masked the aftertaste. It also contained kale and romaine.  By 12:45 I was slightly hungry.

1:00 PM – Wake Me Up

This was my favorite juice. It’s an orange colored juice containing orange, carrot, grapefruit and ginger. It was sweet, and it literally woke me up. My energy levels increased, and I was able to get through my homework assignments.

3:00 PM – Clean Me Up I

Here is where things got a little crazy. This juice consists of lemon, cayenne, jalapeno, cucumber, pineapple, and grapefruit. This was by far my least favorite juice. It was spicy, and a flat out weird combination for me. I barely sipped the juice, and ended up falling asleep. During that nap I had an extremely bad nightmare, and woke up gasping for air. I read that some people experience nightmares because detoxing your body also means detoxing your emotions. At that point I was scared that I would be having nightmares for the next 3 nights. I never finished the juice, and simply moved on to the next.

5:30 PM – Fuel Me Up I

This juice was the same as the first juice, and I drank it with no problems.

8:00 PM – Pick Me up I

This juice consists of beet, carrot, orange, and apple. This is the juice that I normally buy from Jrink, so I was looking forward to drinking it. However, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling very hungry, and had to force myself to drink it anyway.

10:00 PM – Build Me Up

This juice was very thick and filling. It’s made of vanilla, almond, agave, cinnamon, and water. By this time I was so juiced out, I drank about 75% of it and then went to sleep.

Day 2

I am not going to do another break down as you now know what the juices were. On day 2, I woke up with a lot of energy. I didn’t have any nightmares, and I dropped 4 lbs. I was happy to be getting rid of water weight. I also noticed I had more mental clarity. Walking my dog felt extremely peaceful that morning. Although, I felt hungry while drinking the second juice, and could barely get through my homework. The rest of the day went by without any problems, and I slept well.

Day 3

Day 3 was the hardest for me. The first half of the day went by fine, and I actually started to like the taste of the spicy juice, but by 6 PM I started to really crave food. I was missing the heck out of the Thai fried rice that I sometimes get from the Thai place down the street. I took a nap to try and rid the cravings, but when I woke up, I was still hungry. I drank my next juice and tried to focus on the bigger picture. By the end of the night, my last juice filled me up and I went straight to bed.

Post Cleanse

When I woke up the morning after I finished my cleanse, I felt accomplished and sad. I was proud of myself, but I liked not having to worry about what I was going to eat. For breakfast, I decided to drink the juice that I didn’t drink from day 2… (on day 2 I drank the spicy juice that I didn’t finish from day one, instead of opening a new bottle). I then drank a bottle of water and went to MOMS Organic Market for a veggie bowl. I ate half for lunch and half for dinner. During the afternoon I had a small cup of iced coffee, and at night I had a cup of herbal tea. My bloating went down and I felt light and refreshed! I definitely believe I could do this again, and probably will towards the end of the year.

I hope this post gave you some insight into what it is like to do a juice cleanse. We are all different, and I know each experience is unique to each individual. My eating habits weren’t terrible before the cleanse, and so I feel like it was easier for me to get through it then if I’d been eating terribly. I was also drinking plenty of water in-between juices. Like with any new diet or exercise program, I highly advise you speak with your health care provider before trying it out – especially if you are currently taking any medications, or have any health problems. Be sure to have a bathroom that is easily accessible, because you will be urinating frequently! Sorry to get graphic, but it is a cleanse so I feel that I have to mention that as far as bowel movements go… well, I surprisingly only had two on the first day. Overall the cleanse was an interesting experience, and a true test of willpower. If any of you decide to do a juice cleanse, let me know how it goes below!


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