4 Tips to Help You Set Achievable New Year Goals

Plannning goals seems like an easy task, but if you want to see them manifest it requires some extra TLC! To make sure that you create goals you will actually achieve, I highly suggest you consider following these 4 tips.

1. Visualize

It’s hard to get super excited about something unless you can actually visualize yourself achieveing that goal. Imagine how you will feel and how achieving that goal will make a difference in your life.

2. Write it down

Writing down your goals makes it so that you can visually see what your goals are and what steps need to be taken to make sure you crush them! How will you ever remember what needs to be done if you can’t see the steps?

3. Make sure your goals are measureable

You need to hold yourself accountable. Saying you will acheieve losing weight is not the same as saying, “I will lose x amount of lbs by March and then another x amount of lbs by June.” This is how to keep yourself on track.

4. Tweak goals as needed

Maybe you got a little goal happy and are now realizing that your goals are slightly unreasonable. That’s totally fine, as long as you go back and edit your written plan. But whatever you do, do NOT scrap the plan. Trial and error is what makes you better.


You got this! ♡


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