What I am thankful for this Thanksgiving

pumpkin Thanksgiving

Every fourth Thursday of November, something magical happens. Enticing aromas of comfort food disperse throughout homes across the nation, families lounge in their pj’s just a little while longer, and everyone is in high spirits anxiously looking forward to bonding with the people that matter the most.

Although we should be thankful for all the wonderful people and luxuries we each have everyday of the year, Thanksgiving gives us a day to remember what we are thankful for incase we forgot. 

So here is a little list containing the people and things, I am most grateful for.

1. My Parents

I think like most people, especially younger people, we tend to forget all of the wonderful things our parents have done – and continue to do for us. No matter how much I may disagree with them on certain things, I know that nobody has my back more than they do. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for them, and for that I am thankful.

2. My Siblings

My two sisters are everything to me! We may not get together as often as we’d like, but they have a bigger influence on me than they might think. Not only that, but they gave me my two handsome nephews and my adorable niece! It is because of them that I know not to have kids for a while. Having a hangover, and trying to take care of a one-year-old for 12 hours was an experience that I will NEVER forget.

3. My Friends

Because, who would I be texting if it weren’t for the hilarious group chats? They are the reason why people look at me crazy when I laugh out loud while staring at my phone. Also let’s admit – drama is an energy guzzler, but it doesn’t hurt to get the “tea” every now and then 😉

4. My Au Currant 

Nothing is more attractive than being able to learn from someone, and I have learned so much. I’ve also been able to learn a lot about myself in return, and I think that is something so worth being grateful for.

5. My Pup

This beautiful little Bijon-Poo came into my life when I was 21, and I have loved her whole heartedly ever since. I never grew up with any pets when I was younger, so having a dog to care for has taught me a little responsibility. Not only that, but she taught me that there are several reasons to always be happy –  to be alive, well, and with the humans and non-humans I love!

6. Apple

I know. How materialistic of me. But I have to admit, I spend about 60% of my time with this machine. Not just any machine, but my MacBook Pro. It’s light, it’s functional, its practical, and it’s pretty. Some people like cars, some makeup,and some like collecting stones, but I absolutely adore technology. The touch bar may seem completely worthless, but I appreciate it. Yes I like to write, but I love to type; and Apple’s new keyboard butterfly mechanism is beautiful. I could go on and on about this thing but you get the point. A part of me feels guilty that this even made my list, but whatever. This is a part of who I am. After all, I am a millennial right?

I hope this post has prompted you to think about what it is that you are most grateful for. Don’t just look forward to the food, look forward to the entire experience and make sure to live in the moment. It’s holiday’s like Thanksgiving that end up going down in family history filled with stories that get told for years and years to come. Make the best of it!


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